WAR-LOK: Tractor Air-Brake Lock TAB-10DP

Part Number: 76030
Price: $95.50
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Use the Tractor Air Brake Lock to protect your unattended tractor

The tractor air brake lock protects idling and parked tractors from theft by completely encasing the parking brake and trailer air valves.

Tractor Air Brake Lock Exterior

The WAR-LOK Air Brake Lock is made of die cast aluminum, thus making it nearly impenetrable.

Tractor Air Brake Lock Interior

This tractor lock completely covers a tractor’s air valve knobs. Equally important, it’s fortified exterior comes complete with two internal disks that will detach and spin if a thief attempts to drill into the lock. Additionally, like all WAR-LOK products, the Air Brake Lock comes with a nine-cylinder disk locking mechanism, making it nearly impossibly for a thief to pick your lock.

Keyed Alike Tractor Air Brake Locks

Air Brake Locks can be keyed differently, keyed alike, or keyed alike to a master key. Furthermore, newly purchased locks can be keyed alike to an existing lock. Ownership will be verified by WAR-LOK before any key is copied.

Not compatible with Freightliner T600 (2015,2016), Freightliner Cascadia (2016,2018), International Pro Star (2016)