Rotary Crane

Rotary Crane
Part Number: 16950
Price: $762.97
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Multiple Application Lifting
The SRC Rotary Crane was designed to pivot in an upper and lower anchor. For use with a Service Van, the anchors are mounted to the floor and ceiling of the Van allowing the SRC Rotary Crane to pivot out of the back of the Service Van.

The service technician can arc its boom over heavy loads, such as riding mowers, and easily lift either end for servicing blades, belts etc. For industrial applications the SRC can be mounted to any fixed structure for a variety of uses, such as workpiece handling in Machining Centers, Lathes and Milling Machines, putting items into dip tanks or assisting in repair or assembly.


  • Interchangeable Standard Pump
  • Pump handle positioned to allow the operator to operate the hydraulics while guiding the load
  • Deep reaching boom
  • Rugged Construction... Post made with 2.375" OD heavy wall tubing 49" long
  • Capacity up to 800 lbs.


Dimensions & Capacity

Slide Boom
Position 2
Slide Boom
Position 3
Capacity 800 lbs. 600 lbs. 450 lbs.
"A" Hook to Cylinder Distance
Boom Angled Down (45) 15" 32" 39"
Boom Horizontal 23" 44" 56"
Boom Highest Point (30) 19" 37.5" 48.5"
"B" Hook to Bottom of SRC
Boom Angled Down (45) 11" -2" -11.5"
Boom Horizontal 32" 34" 34"
Boom Highest Point (30) 46" 57.5" 63"


16956 -Boom Hook Adapter

Boom/Hook Adapter: Special adapter allows close lifting at a higher 800 lbs. capacity. With this arrangement, items can be swung directly into a van such as electric motors, cylinders, generators, etc.

16953 Anchor Set

Universal Anchor Set: Set includes two anchors that are constructed with 3" angle iron 6" long. Four convenient 1/2" holes space 4.5" apart allow for different anchoring methods.