Adapter Set For Double Ended Studs

Adapter Set For Double Ended Studs
Part Number: 160506
Price: $150.00
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Until now, the only right way to replace studs was to remove the brake shoes and hub, take the hub to a shop press, then replace the seals and realign the bearings. To save time, you could hammer the stud out (and risk cracking the hub) then air-wrench a new stud in (and risk stripping the threads).
But the PakPress tool lets you do it right, and fast. Now you can take a stud off, or put one back on, in just 10 seconds, without disturbing the hub or the seals, bearings or brakes.

  • Portable. The hand held PakPress brings the power of a 10-ton shop press right to the truck.
  • Easy to use. Simple press-out/press-in operation can be performed by any mechanic.
  • Industrial strength. Cast, heat-treated frame is made with unique, super-tough alloy/nickel formulation.
  • Easy to connect. Attaches to any standard air/hydraulic pump.
  • Adapter Set. Lets you replace studs on virtually any kind of outboard hub, including piloted hubs and hubs with broken studs.
  • Works on any outboard hub
  • Reduces a 2 hour job to 20 minutes
  • Avoids potential damage to seals and bearings