Meritor WABCO Suite Application for Nexiq Pro-Link iQ

Pro-Link iQ" Software -  Meritor WABCO® Suite
Part Number: 888014
Price: $470.97
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Air and Hydraulic and ABS

The Pro-Link iQ" Meritor WABCO® Brake Application provides diagnostic and testing capability for Meritor WABCO® brake electronic systems. With the combined power of the easy-to-use Pro-Link iQ" and the functionality of the Meritor WABCO® application, service bay technicians experience unprecedented out-of-the-box productivity.

Supports most Meritor WABCO® brake systems (Tractor Air/Hydraulic and Trailer Air).


  • Easy to use
    • Reduces training required for set-up and/or software usage
  • Portable
    • More portable than a laptop providing the Mobile Maintenance operator with the ideal solution
  • No interface cable setup
    • No messing with cables and adapter setup

Basic Functions

  • Read Fault Codes
  • Clear Fault Codes
  • View Brake Data

Advanced Features

Diagnostic Tests

Air Brake Tests (Tractor)

  • Lamp Tests
    • ABS Lamp
    • ATC Lamp
  • Valve Tests
    • Left Front ABS Valve
    • Right Front ABS Valve
    • Left 2nd ABS Valve
    • Right 2nd ABS Valve
    • Left 3rd ABS Valve
    • Right 3rd ABS Valve
    • ATC Valve
    • ATC Enable/Disable
  • Retarder Relay Test
  • Datalink Retarder
  • Datalink Engine

Air Brake Tests (Trailer)

  • Warning Lamp Test
  • Modulator Valve YE Test
  • Modulator Valve BU Test

Hydraulic Brake Tests

  • Actuate Valves
  • Parking Brake Test
  • Clear Counters
  • ATC Enable Disable
  • Activate Retarder Relay
  • Actuate Outputs
  • Actuate Lamps

Note: Some tests may not be available on all controllers.

Display and change configurable parameters

  • Service Miles
  • Revs/Mile