DEF 275-Gallon IBC Tote Dispensing System - Electric

DEF 275-Gallon IBC Tote Dispensing System - Electric
Part Number: DEF-TOTE-A
Price: $1,565.61
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DEF is coprised of 32.5% high-purity Urea diluted in distilled water and stored onboard all diesel vehicles in a special independent tank. This fluid is pumped into the exhaust system st a rate of 2 to 4 ounces to a gallon of ultra low sulfur diesel fluid (ULSD) consumed. In the exhaust, this fluid is converted into ammonia and reacts with the NOx to produce reduced emissions and water vapor.

The Fuel Chief System is one of the industry's first "all-inclusive" service system for refilling a vehicle's onboard tank.

275-Gallon IBC TOTE Dispensing System - Electric

  • 120 volt 60 Hz DEF Series High-volume submersible pump
  • Deluxe "resettable" turbine digital flow meter w/mounting bracket
  • Indicates amount dispensed at each use and totals
  • Deluxe stainless steel automatic delivery nozzle
  • 12' flexible dispensing hose
  • Deluxe bung adapter w/vent
  • Form Heading