JohnDow: Portable Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System

JohnDow: Portable Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System
Part Number: EV-5100
Price: $1,174.21
Ships Direct From Manufacturer
The effective and affortable system for removing toxic vehicle exhaust fumes.

This easy-to-use portable exhaust extraction fan is a practical and affordable solution for effectively removing toxic exhaust fumes from auto repair facilities, motorcycle shops, small engine repair shops and other work areas toxic fume removal is needed.
  • Positioned next to the vehicle exhaust, the 3/4 hp high output suction fan captures the fumes and discharges them safely up to 30' away. The height of the fan can be easily adjusted to match the tailpipe height of the vehicle.
  • The 3/4 hp, 110v (700cfm) fan is mounted in an integrally molded, high impact polyethylene "flow-thru" case. Height position control requires a simple turn to release and lock the fan onto the aluminum mounting bar.
  • The mobile base makes it easy to position so it can be used anywhere exhaust removal is required.


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