3/8" x 8' Frame Chain

3/8" x 8' Frame Chain
Part Number: MOC6008
Price: $141.12
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Features and Benefits:

  • Made of heat treated steel
  • Protectively plated with yellow dichromate
  • #6210 3/8" Alloy Clevis Grab Hook included
  • Working load limit: 6,600 lbs.
  • Manufactured in accordance with the NACM specification for chain, ASTM standard A391 and ASTM standard A413 for grade 70 carbon steel chain

Overall length: 8'; proof test: 20,000 lbs.; chain weight: 2 lbs.; grab hook weight: 1 lb. Proof test refers to load in pounds which an attachment or chain (or both) has withstood during a test in which increasing tension is applied to an attachment or straight length of chain.