Disc Brake System Analyzer

Disc Brake System Analyzer
Part Number: IPA7884
Price: $287.84
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Features and Benefits:

  • Only tool that identifies an imploded brake hose and accurately detects exactly where the problem lies without breaking a line
  • Tests improperly adjusted proportioning valves, air in hydraulic systems, power booster problems, rear brake adjustment check, and much more!
  • Tests sticky or frozen brake calipers
  • Identifies the exact cause of uneven brake pad wear
  • Comes with 2 load cells attached to analog gauges, each with a range of 0-5000 PSI
Eliminates guesswork when troubleshooting disc brake problems. A red ‘Tell Tale’ memory needle on the dial allows for one-man brake testing. This innovative tool is packaged in a custom-made wooden case for first class presentation and storage.