Bendix ABS Software for Nexiq Pro-Link iQ

Bendix ABS Software
Part Number: 889013
Price: $299.97
Ships Direct From Manufacturer
The Nexiq Pro-Link iQ Bendix ABS software application provides the capability to test and diagnose commercial vehicle with the Bendix EC-16, EC-17, EC-30, EC-60 (i.e., ABS 6) EC-30T and EC-60T (i.e., TABS 6) systems. With the combined power of the easy-to-use Pro-Link iQ and the functionality of the Bendix ABS software application, the heavy duty mechanic is provided with unprecedented, out-of-the-box productivity.

- Easy To Use
- Portable
- No interface Cable Setup

Basic Functions
- Read Fault Codes
- Clear Fault Codes
- View Brake Data
* Note: PLC Converter required for trailer brake PLC systems (PN 601020)

Diagnostic Tests

EC-60T (TABS 6)
- Test Inputs
- Test Outputs
- Valve Cycle Tests
- Write TSC1 Torque Limit
- Sensor Sequence Test
- Modulator Sequence Test
- Load Battery Voltage Test
- Rest ECU

- Test ATC Valve
- Traction Control Enable/Disable
- Pulse Modulators (Manual)
- Modulator Sequence Test
- Test Modulators
- Retarder Relay
- Lamp Test
 *ABS Warning Lamp
 *ATC Warning Lamp
  *Trailer ABS Warning Lamp
- ECU LED Test
- Sensor Sequence Test
- Load Battery Voltage Test
- Serial Retarder Test
- Torque Limit Test
- Self Configuration
- Rest ECU