Goldak 600 Power Cable Locator

Part Number: 600
Price: $432.25
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The Goldak Model 600 cable locator is a portable electronic instrument designed and used to locate and trace buried electrical cables. It does this by sensing the energy radiating from the current-carrying electrical conductors. No transmitting unit is used. Whether used to trace the cables in a small rural electrical system, or used to sort out a network of primary and secondary cables in a congested metropolitan area, the Goldak Model 600 proves to be accurate, dependable, and easy to use.

  • Designed with state-of-the-art circuit technology
  • 3-position detection antenna for pin-point cable location and simple depth measurement
  • Durable, yet extremely light (less than 3 pounds) for long-term operation
  • Foam-lined, rigid, carrying case available as an option
  • Powered by easily-obtainable 9-volt battery
  • Used as a safety tool by water and gas crews to locate power cables before digging or pipeline trenching
  • Function switch for "Peak" and Null" operating modes
  • Cushion-lined stereo headset

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