Engine Calibration and Set-Up Kit

Engine Calibration and Set-Up Kit
Part Number: IPA7891
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Features and Benefits:

  • The Engine Calibration and Set-up Kit gives you innovative tools that help eliminate mistakes when setting up mechanical engine timing sequences, timing chains, timing belts, balance shafts and belts, distributor installations and general engine set-up
  • Tools work for standard and deep hole access applications
  • Adapters allow most tools to be used with any 12, 14 and 18mm spark plug hole
  • American Made and assembled

Kit includes: standard 6.25" (14mm) and extended 10.75" (14mm) TDC Indicators, compression gauge extension, Compression Whistle Alert™ (rigid and flex), crank stopper, 18mm and 12mm spark plug hole adapters, extra nipple for compression tube to whistle conversion. Packaged inside a blow molded case.