50" x 80" Safety Welding Blanket

50" x 80" Safety Welding Blanket
Part Number: KTI70450
Price: $134.52
In Stock

Features and Benefits:

  • Extreme protection
  • Size: 50” x 80”
  • A high-tech carbon fiber welding blanket made with the Pavenex® fabric (US Patent # 6,696,374)
  • Lightweight, soft, and flexible
  • Provides protection against direct contact with flame, sparks, and weld spatter. Will withstand temperature up to 2200°F without shrinking

Reduces the chance of sparks damaging fabrics, pitting glass, or marring paint. Will not scratch any painted surface. Can be used in emergencies to smother small fires in a car or anywhere in the shop. Warning: Avoid contact with flammable liquids. Flammable liquids will ignite when exposed to sparks or flame. Always inspect welding blankets for damage before use. Avoid sharp edges or other obstructions to prevent damage to blanket. Clean blanket after each use. To clean, shake the blanket and replace in the original bag. DO NOT clean with water or other liquids. Do not use when wet.

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