7 Piece GearWrench Mixed Pliers Set

7 Piece GearWrench Mixed Pliers Set
Part Number: KDT82108
Price: $127.50
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Features and Benefits
  • Curved back handles for added leverage and less slippage
  • "Finger tipping" end texture grips for improved access
  • Exclusive rounded inside edges for comfort
  • Slim recessed handle design
  • Assortment of pliers for most any application
New mixed pliers set includes the following: KDT82011- 9.5" Tongue and Groove Plier; KDT82012- 7" Diagonal Cutting Plier; KDT82013- 8" Long Nose Plier;  KDT82014- 8" Slip Joint Plier; KDT82020- 12" Groove Joint Plier with straight jaw; KDT82025- 8" Linesman Plier and  KDT82028- 8" End Nipper.