Ford Spark Plug Insert Installer Set

Ford Spark Plug Insert Installer Set
Part Number: MTN9200
Price: $267.98
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Features and Benefits
  • With this item cylinder can be repaired without removing the head - takes a little less than an hour, saving the mechanic about 1 day worth of labor
  • Alloy steel insert is a quality insert that will permanently mount in the spark plug hole and will not deteriorate or fall out
  • Guide insures that tap and reamer are used in a straight line - no installing the spark plug crooked
  • Comes with a DVD that explains job in detail - easy to follow instructions
  • Cost of this set is far less than the competitors in the field
Designed to aid in repairing Ford modular cylinder heads. A quality fool proof repair system that is fast, cost effective, and simple to use. Used to repair damaged threads from blown or deteriorated spark plugs in 4.6L, 5.4L, and Ford V10 Triton engines.

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