EngineEAR® II Electronic Stethescope

EngineEAR® II Electronic Stethescope
Part Number: JSP06800
Price: $246.55
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • dB Meter has 7 sound level control settings - 60 dB to 120 dB for super sensitive noise pick-up and limited distortion of unwanted sounds
  • Hi - Low setting on db Meter allows interpretation of sound on both levels
  • dB Meter allows user to detect when battery is low
  • Professional headphones shut out surrounding sound
  • Non conductive microphone - will not zap expensive computer circuitry

Flexible shaft reaches the tightest areas. Quickly pinpoints noise and location of worn bearings and bushings; noisy valves and lifters; broken, worn gear teeth; faulty fuel injectors, wind or air leaks; annoying squeaks and rattles.