High Lift Transmission Jack

High Lift Transmission Jack
Part Number: 1728
Price: $3,337.42
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • Unique foot pedal design gives you complete control over the air-driven first stage to rapidly raise the mounting head to the transmission
  • Second stage is hydraulically actuated — permitting precise operator control during removal and installation
  • Transmission mounting head features four ratcheting brackets that adjust to fit a wide range of transmissions
  • Four-wheel base with locking swivel casters provides stability and portability
  • Safety bypass prevents damage caused by a system overload
This 1,000 lb. capacity jack makes quick work of removing and installing automotive and light truck transmissions. This lift is also very handy for removing and installing transfer cases, transaxles, fuel tanks and rear axles.  Head adjustable to 19-1/2" x 18". Overall height: 34-1/2", maximum height: 75", maximum forward tilt: 50 degrees, maximum backward tilt: 20 degrees and maximum side tilt either side: 10 degrees. Meets or exceeds ANSI PALD standards. Carries OTC Lifetime Marathon Warranty. Made in the U.S.A.