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0 to 6" - 0-150mm Thumb Lock Vernier Caliper
Part Number: CEN6420
Price: $140.27
0-3in. .001in. Grad 2-1/2in. Depth Micrometer
Part Number: CEN6240
Price: $288.98
0-6in. Stainless Steel Dial Caliper
Part Number: CEN6427
Price: $149.72
12" / 300mm DIal Caliper
Part Number: FOW72-030-012
Price: $167.33
12"/300mm Electronic Caliper
Part Number: FOW74-101-300-1
Price: $164.39
16"/400mm Extended Range Drum and Rotor Kit with Xtra-Value Caliper
Part Number: FOW74-101-888
Price: $113.50
6" Digital Caliper with Large LCD Window
Part Number: KDT3756
Price: $113.45
Electronic Digital Caliper
Part Number: CEN6425A
Price: $351.07
Measuring Caliper Micrometer Mechanics Set
Part Number: FOW72-229-711
Price: $158.28
Thumb Lock Dial Caliper 0-6in. 0-150mm Range
Part Number: CEN6628
Price: $130.76
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