Sanders and Polishers

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10" Random Orbital Buffer/Polisher
Part Number: TIT22610
Price: $73.77
11 AMP 7" Polisher
Part Number: TIT22530
Price: $110.24
4" Angle Grinder, with tool case
Part Number: MAKGA4030K
Price: $88.44
6" VS Electronic RA Polisher
Part Number: DWT7424XP
Price: $142.09
7" / 9" Right Angle Polisher
Part Number: DWTDWP849
Price: $254.39
7" Electronic Control Polisher
Part Number: MAK9237C
Price: $298.14
7" Electronic Sander-Polisher
Part Number: MAK9227C
Price: $313.31
7" High Performance Electronic Polisher
Part Number: DWTDWP849X
Price: $219.00
JET 5SS-1C-15 5 Ton Electric Hoist with 15' Lift, 115/230V
Part Number: JET511500
Price: $4,542.99
JET J-4002 1 x 42 Bench Belt and Disc Sander
Part Number: JET577003
Price: $632.89
JET J-4200A Industrial Belt and Disc Machine, 1PH
Part Number: JET414551
Price: $2,090.57
JET J-4202A Industrial Belt and Disc Finishing Machine, 3PH
Part Number: JET414553
Price: $2,098.54
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