Torches and Accessories

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2 Gauge CGA580 Welding Gas Regulator with 5/8"-18RH Fittings
Part Number: MTNWEGR-2
Price: $69.58
2-Gauge CGA580 Welding Gas Regulator and 10' Hose
Part Number: MTNWEGR-2H
Price: $119.34
55CF Welding Gas Cylinder with CGA580-F Valve
Part Number: MTNWECGA580
Price: $166.14
CM42 Plasma Cutting System
Part Number: FPW1-4200
Price: $1,561.78
Complete Oxyacetylene Welding Outfit
Part Number: AST8080
Price: $222.60
Cordless 3-in-1 Solder Tool
Part Number: OTC4472
Price: $67.17
Digital Gun Mounted Regulator
Part Number: DEVHARG555
Price: $101.28
Firepower OxyFuel 250 Medium Duty Outfit
Part Number: FPW0384-2572
Price: $216.33
Firepower OxyFuel 250-510C Medium Duty Outfit
Part Number: FPW0384-2571
Price: $217.33
Firepower Oxyfuel 350 Heavy Duty Outfit
Part Number: FPW0384-2682
Price: $282.93
Industrial Heavy Duty Heat Gun
Part Number: AST9426
Price: $68.39
Micro Torch Kit
Part Number: PPRMTKIT01
Price: $109.95
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