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10" High Leverage Diagonal Cutters Carded
Part Number: KNP7401-10C
Price: $45.49
10" Plier Loose Adjustable Wrench Style
Part Number: KNP8603-10
Price: $60.42
10" Soft Jaw Pliers Carded
Part Number: KNP8111250C
Price: $88.32
10" Ultra High Leverage Diagonal Pliers With 12 Degree Curved Head
Part Number: KNP7422-10
Price: $95.76
12" Alligator® Water Pump Pliers with Ergo Grip Handles
Part Number: KNP8802-12
Price: $53.05
12" Cobra Pliers With Comfort Grip
Part Number: KNP8702300
Price: $73.79
12" Plier Wrench
Part Number: KNP8603-12
Price: $79.99
16" Pump Pliers
Part Number: KLED502-16
Price: $55.27
16" XL Cobra Pipe Wrench and Water Pump Pliers
Part Number: KNP870116
Price: $84.44
16in Straight Tip External Snap Ring Pliers
Part Number: OTC7301
Price: $106.21
16in Straight Tip Internal Snap Ring Pliers
Part Number: OTC7300
Price: $103.82
20" Groovelock Plier
Part Number: VGP2078120
Price: $57.17
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