Extractor Sets

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10 Piece Screw and Pipe Extractor Set
Part Number: MAY37345
Price: $95.46
10-pc Extractor & Cobalt Drill Bit Set in Vinyl Pouch
Part Number: HAN11118
Price: $40.36
13 PIece Professional's Industrial Bolt Extractor Set
Part Number: HAN54113
Price: $119.24
25 Piece Hex Head Multi-Spline Extractor Set
Part Number: HAN53227
Price: $65.75
4 Piece Fast Release Locking Pliers Set (10CR, 7R, 6LN and 5WR)
Part Number: VGP428KBT
Price: $66.20
5 Piece Rennsteig Double Edge Screw Extractor Set
Part Number: KNP9R4719003
Price: $56.77
6 Piece Impact Bolt Grip Lug Nut Set
Part Number: HAN1859146
Price: $73.02
8 Piece Impact Bolt Grip Drawer Set
Part Number: HAN1859150
Price: $47.03
Beta 1430/S5 Set of 5 Tapered Extractors
Part Number: 014300105
Price: $32.73
Beta 1430/S8 Set of 8 Tapered Extractors
Part Number: 014300108
Price: $105.00
Inner Cap & Stud Kit
Part Number: GRE2413
Price: $76.68
Inner Cap Removal Kit
Part Number: GRE2412
Price: $45.34
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