Pre-Trip Inspection Tool

Checks tire tread depth, brake stroke, brake pad thickness, and windshield cracks

Part # PI-539

According to CSA standards, you must perform a pre-trip inspection consisting of numerous points on the truck and trailer. Failure to perform the check or identify out of compliant areas on the truck or trailer can result in points on your record and lead to significant fines. We have identified the points for each violation along with the section reference.

Tire Tread Depth - 8 Points (393.75)

Quickly check your tread depth on steer tires, drive tires, and trailer tires. You can easily see if any of your tires have worn tread. The tab on the bottom check drive and trailer tire tread depths at 3/32", while the back tab checks steer tire tread depths at 5/32".

Brake Stroke - 4 Points (393.47)

Use your Pre-Trip Inspection Tool to make brake stroke measurements a breeze. Simply mark the push rod with the brakes released, then measure the distance the push rod travels when the brakes are set. You can determine if your short stroke chambers are within 2" or if your long stroke chambers are within 2.5".

Brake Pad Thickness - 4 Points (393.47)

Use the Pre-Trip Inspection Tool to ensure your brake pad thickness is CVSA compliant. To do so, insert the tools long end between the drum and shoe table where the two brake linings meet. If the gap is less than 9/32", you must replace your brake pads.

Windshield Cracks - 1 Point (393.60)

Using the 3/4" circle on the Pre-Trip Inspection Tool, you can quickly determine if the crack on your windshield is within CVSA standards.

No Pre-Trip Inspection- 4 Points (392.7)

With the Pre-Trip Inspection Tool, you can ensure your drivers are performing their pre-trip inspections every time.