Pocket Inspector
In addition to KENT-MOORE, we offer specialized tools to help perform Pre-Trip Inspections. CSA requires drivers to inspect tire tread, brake stroke & brake thickness. We have the perfect tool. It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and affordable enough to supply your entire fleet of drivers.

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Bearing Installer
Price: $169.77
Bushing Installer
Price: $96.30
Price: $63.97
Driver Handle
Price: $27.62
Input Seal Installer
Price: $95.88
Installer, Dust Shield
Price: $103.84
Kit, Terminal Test
Price: $533.10
Nut Spanner
Price: $627.79
Parts Tray Set
Price: $94.38
Spring Retainer
Price: $89.97
Strap Weldment
Price: $87.97